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Our skill mix

The range of skills and care professionals within a PCN can vary depending on the needs of the local population and the services provided by the PCN. Below you will see each team/service we offer and their respective staff members. Please note, we are always looking to add skilled healthcare professionals to our teams. If you are interested in joining one of the teams, please click here.

FICS & PCN Directors

Dr Parijat Roy

FICS Clinical Lead & PCN Digital Transformation Lead

Dr David Brown

FICS Clinical Lead & PCN Clinical Director

Dr Martin Ballard

FICS & PCN Director of Finance
and PCN Director of Workforce  

Dr Edward Wernick

Director of Governance

We have 4 FICS/PCN Directors in Farnham that support the devlopment and running of our services. They lead in both Clinical and Non-clinical specialist areas.

Management Team

Vikki Rigate

FICS & PCN Manager

Joanna Morley

FICS Services Lead

Prenessa Chetty

PCN Operations

Our Management team is responsible for the administration and management of FICS and the PCN. As a service we are always striving to implement new innovative services and improve ways of working and overall patient care. Leading the service is Vikki Rigate, FICS and PCN Manager, who is responsible for our contract delivery and has oversight of the various teams and services that we offer. Supporting our day-to-day operations and implementing this innovation is Jo, FICS Services Lead and Prenessa, PCN Operational Support.

Social Prescribers

Our Social prescribing service supports indivduals with various needs, giving people time to talk and focusing on ‘what matters to me’ . The service takes a holistic approach to people’s health and wellbeing, considering all factors that could be impacting their lives. The service connects people to local community groups and statutory services for practical and emotional support. Our Social Prescribers are Lise and Fran, they have a wealth of experience in supporting patients to achieve positive outcomes with their interventions and signposting.

Frances Gowing

Social Prescriber

Lise Hassell

Social Prescriber

Health & Wellbeing Coaching

Health and wellbeing coaches work with individuals to help them improve their overall wellbeing. They may use a variety of techniques and approaches to achieve this, including; goal setting, providing support, offering guidance, encouraging self-care, helping individuals develop coping skills, providing resources and referrals and collaborating with other professionals. 

Magdalena Szklarek

Health & Wellbeing Coach

Care Co-ordinators

Our Care Co-Ordinators support a variety of services and patients within our network. They specialise in supporting services such as Cancer Care, Weight Managements, Immunisations, Health Checks and Intergrated Care Services etc. Our PCN Care Co-Ordinators are Monica, Gill and Andrea, though more are embedded within the GP practices.

Monica Wilczkowiak

Care Co-ordinator

Gill O'Leary

Care Co-ordinator

Pharmacy Team

We have several roles within our Pharmacy team. The team works alongside the GP’s and Practices in many areas of their service. Pharmacists are trained to dispense medications and provide advice on their use. They play a vital role by ensuring that patients receive the correct medications and dosage, and by providing information on their safe and effective use. Tasks include; dispensing medications, providing advice on medications, monitoring medication use, collaborating with other healthcare professionals and providing support for patients with chronic conditions.

Noor Jubair

Clinical Pharmacist, Service Lead

Ravi Mondair

Clinical Pharmacist

Melissa Lim

Clinical Pharmacist

Ahmed Elsherif

Pharmacy Technician

Eva Hay

Pharmacy Technician

Andrea Dobson

Pharmacy Care Coordinator

Naila Haq

Pharmacy Care Coordinator

Mental Health Practitioners

Our Mental Health Practitioner supports patients over the age of 18, who would benefit from specialist one-to-one support for mental health needs. Our service provides patients with an urgent appointment, as identified by a Practice GP. Our service is provided within the Same Day Service in FICS. The service usually provides a brief intervention, to help identify any further support services that may be required or to bridge the gap whilst waiting for a referral.

Clare Nicolle

Mental Health Practitioner

Administative Team

Our administrative team diligently support the smooth functioning of all of our services and business operations. With unwavering commitment, our skilled team ensures efficient coordination of healthcare services, optimises resource allocation, and upholds strict data governance to uphold patient confidentiality.

Marie Edwards

Finance Administrator

Linda Stevens


Moyra Webster


Geoff Vivian

Receptionist (FICS)

Home Visiting Paramedics

Also known as our HVS team, our home visiting team consists of highly experienced and skilled paramedics who support the GP’s to deliver exceptional urgent care services, in the community for housebound patients. With extensive training and expertise, we promptly respond to the request of your GP to provide timely assessments, treatment, and necessary referrals. Through collaboration with healthcare providers, we strive to improve patient outcomes, avoid hospital admission, support post admission and ensure the highest level of care for everyone in our community.

Liz Luttrell


Brad Reeves


Health Care Assistants

Allow us to introduce the Health Care Assistant (HCA) team of FICS and Farnham PCN. Our team is comprised of skilled HCAs who are committed to providing excellent care and support to Farnhams patients. With compassion and professionalism, we assist with various healthcare tasks, including vital signs monitoring, personal care, and administering treatments.

Alison Wheeler

Healthcare Assistant

Nursing Team

At our Primary Care Network, our dedicated nursing team plays a pivotal role in patient care, offering a myriad of services tailored to individual health needs. They conduct patient assessments, manage chronic diseases, provide immunisations, and assist with minor procedures. The nurses collaborate closely with physicians, ensuring patients receive comprehensive and timely care. 

Gabby Greet

Lead Practice Nurse

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Healthier Lifestyle, Happier You!

An empowering and fun programme that explores the most effective methods to lose weight and keep it off. On the course you will address concerns that you have with your lifestyle, such as with your diet and physical activity levels.

We passionately believe in quality education and in long-term sustainable behaviour change and not short-term diet or lifestyle fads. We look at health holistically, offering choices with flexible options. This approach delivers multiple benefits well beyond weight loss including improving sleep quality, stress management, relationship with food and preventing future health conditions.

Features of the programme

  • Lifestyle & wellbeing education programme covering weight loss, managing stress, sleep quality, preventing future health conditions
  • Flexible dietary approaches: Low carbohydrate, Mediterranean, Intermittent fasting, Real food and snacking avoidance
  • 12 x Online Group Sessions
  • Includes a printed Weight & Wellbeing Programme Handbook
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